Refrigeration equipment and cold supply service

Perfect service. Is it possible in Russia? The long-term experience of the company "LAND" - the largest market participant in the segment of integrated service of the trading business - gives an unequivocally affirmative answer.

There are hundreds of service companies operating in Russia, but the most successful and reliable are multidisciplinary structures engaged in the equipment of turnkey trading enterprises. The service they offer is based on a thorough knowledge of the systems and technologies being serviced.

The leading player of the "major league" in the market of maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment can rightfully be called the company "LAND".

The service department of "LAND" offers a full range of services for emergency and maintenance of commercial equipment. The company offers service assistance in any necessary volume 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Each of the mobile teams consists of qualified specialists - a service engineer and a mechanic, while the necessary tools and spare parts are always available to perform emergency, repair, or diagnostic work.

Usually, the time to eliminate accidents and malfunctions of refrigeration commercial equipment is in fact 4-8 hours. If necessary, several teams can arrive at the customer's facility at once, which makes it possible to eliminate an accident or carry out diagnostics in the shortest possible time.

Within the established schedule, the service teams also carry out planned preventive measures for the maintenance of commercial equipment.

The service department can offer:

  • repair of refrigerated display cases;
  • freezer service;
  • repair of freezers;
  • service of refrigerated display cases and much more.


Employees in the service department


Service teams ready for a prompt departure


Equipped service vehicles

150 000 rubles

Minimum cost of equipment in each service vehicle

70 mln rubles

The cost of spare parts, spare parts kits, and tools in the warehouses of the "LAND" company

4 hours

The maximum response time to the request

Service support options

  • All-inclusive service

    Providing a fundamentally new level of service quality, LAND offers its Customers ALL-INCLUSIVE service packages.

  • Prompt repair

    In case of technical problems, our service team promptly goes to the place.

  • Installation of equipment operation monitoring systems

    For high-quality control of the state of refrigeration equipment, specialists of the service department of the company "LAND" offer installation of monitoring and dispatching equipment on objects.

  • Consulting and scheduled maintenance

    Proper use of commercial equipment is the main guarantee of its durability.
    Our specialists instruct the store staff on the rules of equipment operation and product display.

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Why choose us

The whole territory

The whole territory

The whole territory of Russia is covered by LAND service centers

Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service

allows you to track all the technical indicators of each piece of equipment



Free 24-hour phone-number throughout the Russian Federation
8 800 555 33 13



"Land" company has its own warehouses of spare parts: 3380 m2 - the total area of the DC



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